My hardware currently used is a Canon 5d mark IV SLR since 2019. Lately I had a 60d (from 2014). Previously, a Panasonic lumix DMC TZ5.

Each of these devices gave me a particular pleasure, but my growing experience could upset this relationship.

Indeed, I bought more and more (expensive) cameras to get closer to what I wanted, which the experience ultimately contradicted in a certain way, because the beautiful photos start with a certain look above all.

Admit all the same that the potential offered by recent reflexes offers a much wider scope for work in post processing, especially with regard to the essential RAW format.

My sources of inspiration are multiple, I cannot distinguish the first ones from the most important ones. Comics first, maybe. The image was already framed, thus enveloping the characters and their environment, in a whole that exceeded the sum of the parts. Then Sempé's illustrations, for the best known, playing on the subtle mixtures of text and image.

Some of my photos have a title, a process that I underestimated at the time, but which ultimately gives additional interpretive force, or on the contrary brings them back down to earth ...

The image always has the last word, says the word ...

My photos are all subject to copyright.